Visit to Granddaughter

I am taking a break from the homestead, catching a train later today, heading to visit my newest granddaughter for several days!  Stay safe and get ready to start perusing all those seed catalogs vendors mail you.  I hope my faux farm is flourishing this spring!  In the meantime, while you are waiting for spring – want to do yourself a favor and start a new career that can help you pay your bills in 2015?  Avon can do that for you if you diligently work your business.  You can earn from your sales and you can earn from bonus rewards.  That is how I make my seed money!  Contact me for more information, or go to below, sign up on my G’Money Avon Team by using ghegwood as the reference code.  The $15 sign-up gets you brochures for two campaigns, samples, a full sized product, start-up literature – just to name a few.  Join me and let’s get started on your financial success.  No need to say “I don’t have time!”  I work full time, run my faux farm (complete with chickens), help raise two grandchildren AND successfully run my Avon business.



I see my darling faux farmer granddaughter suffer with eczema. She cries about how itchy she is. I find only products with the Eczema Association seal of approval give her soothing relief. Avon offers a terrific body wash and lotion – on sale right now for $7.99 each. Do yourself, or your loved one with eczema, a favor and order some today.

Knee Surgery & Weight Loss

So last year, with my knee pain, I could not exercise & I was piling on the pounds (and I was already big to begin with). This caused depression, which caused me to eat, which caused more weight gain, which caused more knee pain, which caused more……well, you get the message. I was tired of storing my size smaller clothes & donated all, & I mean all. I had my knee surgery on 10/23, had a natural loss of appetite, do not even like Reese Peanut Butter cups anymore. Sooooooo, I’m down about 25 pounds & have no ‘go to’ clothes now & I return to work on 01/23. Thank goodness I am the Avon lady. I can get great fashion at a great discount. Look at this lovely lace tunic – $14.99!

Faux Farming & Avon

Even though I am only a faux farmer, I am still outside and still facing winter weather (yes – milder here in the South – but still dry, winter weather). I use the Avon Moisture Therapy Relief Body Lotion. Made with pure oatmeal to quickly relieve dry skin itch. Delivers prompt relief from persistent itch associated with dry skin. Smooths and moisturizes. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic. This 16.9 fl oz bottle is on sale for $6.99!