Why I Love Avon

Did you know that 34 years before women had the right to vote, David H. McConnell gave women the right to earn their own income?

Mr. McConnell was a traveling book salesperson, but noticed the women were more interested in the free samples of perfume he offered them.  He was inspired to hire these women as sales representatives and mixed Avon’s first perfume himself in a small office in New York City.  Avon has grown so much from that small office in New York City in 1836 to  6 million independent representatives around the globe in 2016.

Avon has been empowering women for 130 years.

The below quote is taken directly from Avon’s webpage:

This is the company that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables. That fights wrinkles with one hand and breast cancer with the other. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against domestic violence and for women’s financial independence. We’re the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. The company that supports six million independent Avon Sales Representatives in over 100 countries.

Avon has given over one billion dollars to breast cancer and domestic violence causes.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?  I have a full time job, but I choose to be a part of Avon to supplement my family’s income.  I enjoy the relationships I have made with my customers and my team members.  I have so many wonderful women I now consider family.

Would you like to join my remarkable team?  What better time than NOW!

It’s All about You
Direct selling at Avon means you control your own destiny.

  • You are your own boss.
  • You have your own business.
  • You can work independently or with a team.
  • You set your own hours.
  • You can work from home.
  • You determine your family/work/lifestyle balance.
  • You have a means to earn money no matter what the economic climate.

Some women become Representatives to supplement the family income. Others sell Avon so they can earn money to send their children to college, pay for a vacation, cover costly medical bills or buy a new house or car. One of the most attractive features of direct selling with Avon is that it doesn’t require any special experience, education or other credentials. Starting a direct-selling business simply depends on the power of you.

Go to the below website and type in ghegwood as the reference code to join my team:


Hope to see you soon!